Requesting Money in E2

Requesting Money in E2

January 3, 2021 Off By KeoFlex

Requesting money in has been an area of contest for the past few weeks. Obviously this system is very new and the problem here is that the developers didn’t intend on the system going viral so quick. With this in mind they really didn’t put a huge focus on an automated withdrawal system since most early adaptors would not be heavily focused on getting their money out of the system. However, now that it has gone semi-viral many users are saying that earth2 is a scam because you can’t get your money out.

I firmly believe that anyone putting money in earth2 at this point will see a good return on your investment. I do however understand your concerns and have felt the same way myself. So I am currently going through the withdraw process to get $50 out of the system. This process takes time. First you have to send E2 an email that looks something like:

Full legal name
First Middle Last

Current address
Your address

Account name
Your username in the system

Email address 
Your exact email in

Exact bank account name
I’m using Chime

Account number

Phone number
I would make sure this matches in earth2 and your bank

Amount you wish to receive
You must do no less than $50.00

You need to send this email to

Once you do this you have to wait for them to send the money to your account manually and this can take up to 16 or more days. They have said that a more automated system is coming, but currently with the stability issues of on the site it is far more important to focus on keeping the site up than fixing the auto pay feature. Again, this is just my opinion but why take your money out of the system at this point? The game is only 8 weeks into its soft launch! Lets all just take a breath and know that these folks are working night and day to get this system running. I have been up until about 4am almost every day for the past 2 weeks watching the discord. I can tell you the developers are on there constantly updating and talking so I am convinced that this is not a scam and we just have to wait a little bit of time. They payoff will be worth it.

I have started a YouTube video that I will post shorty that walks you through creating a chime account. I didn’t feel comfortable sending my actual bank account over email so I created a chime account that is only for earth2. This way you minimize your risk in sending that information. It’s not exactly a massive security breach to send your account number anyway. Think about it: Everytime you write a check, what’s at the bottom? Yup, your account and routing number.

Relax, don’t worry, and keep having fun in earth2!