Welcome to E2BC

Welcome to E2BC

December 30, 2020 Off By KeoFlex

Welcome, we are designing this site to provide new and relevant earth2 information to the community. Many times important information can get lost in the discord so we will try to update here as often as possible.

The three main purposes of this site are to:

  1. Share common places the E2BuyersGroup is purchasing land. This way we can form communities in. We are also partnering with other groups like SHP (Silent Hunters Project)
  2. Share codes of members to increase collaboration and buying power
  3. Sharing resources and strategies as well as concerns and alerts that we all need to be aware of.

Membership is not exclusive so if your like me (KeoFlex) and are members of other groups like SHP, thats great but we are trying to build something really unique and special to partner with E2 and its leadership. We fully support this dev team.

Earth2.io is young in its inception and it has a rock star dev team backing it up. The vision is broad and vast and not only do we believe this will be an incredible game, but we also believe that if you invest strategically you will make a fair amount of money with this system especially if you invest early!

I say in all my YouTube videos that this is not an investment and we are not financial advisors by any means! Do not look at earth2 as way to get rich and you need to fully understand that while you may make money, even a ton of money, there is also the chance that you will lose what you put into the system. So invest at your own risk, but most of all invest to have fun. I have had a ton of fun over the last 4 weeks playing this game and I think you will too.

Last let me encourage all of you not to get frustrated with the devs. This is not a finely tuned PS5 game. This is a soft launch phase 1. People keep sharing concerns about withdrawing funds, bugs, and connectivity/ uptime issues with the site. If want stability and feature rich options I encourage you to join the game next year this time. Otherwise enjoy the fun on discord, in game, and lets all give these devs time to grow. They are going through a ton right now!